about last night

After years of sticking out like a hilariously sore, vulgar thumb in the singer/songwriter underground, it was an honour, pleasure, and (after a week like this one, frankly) a relief to finally play my first bonafide punk night. I feel energized and anticipative, and look forward to more. Much love and thanks to Terrible And The Horribles for graciously offering me their closing spot, the staff at Let’s Be Frank for the friendly ambience and excellent service, and Caustic Lime for setting EXACTLY the right tone for kick off–no granola-flavoured confessional was this! 👊 I hope to work with ALL of you again in the very near future. And finally to all the friends who showed up, stopped in, and stuck around–either for a bit or for the whole night. Once again, you all remind me of what a blessing it is to have so many great friends who come through for you at a time when you really need it–even in the midst of screaming and thrashing. 😉

Love to you all, and see you again soon! ❤️

– Rexy