The album launch for ARSENAL is set for March 2017 t a location soon-to-be-annnounced in downtown Toronto!

I will be playing with a full band (a full-gig first for me) to really showcase the album–namely, local punks Terrible & The Horribles, who I shared a stage with in September and who boast a heavy, full-throttle sound. Local solopunk troubadour T.C. Folkpunk will kick things off with a blistering set of his own.

Location to be announced! Watch this space.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and social media re-posts of my new Asian Driver lyric video. In particular, the Facebook post of the video is closing in on 2,400 (!) people reached in just over four days–without any paid boosts (as of yet). For a non-Beyonce-level obscure punk like me, that’s a f*ckload of a lot. Keep ‘em coming, because I’m really proud of this single, and of the album to follow. It’s nice to be heard.

Also, in case any commitment-phobes out there were wondering, you are indeed able to buy the new “Asian Driver” single without pre-ordering the album. Just follow this link:

But never mind that. You want more. I know you do. 😉 And all you have to to get it, is to check below. :p

rexy <3