To celebrate my birthday this year, I’ve put out a new photo series, as well as a previously-unreleased new single.

Photo series: “Undisguised v42.0”
I took these as an honest document to who I am right here, right now, at this unique stage of life. Some may see this as a testament to disguise. On the contrary, these images actually represent me at my most authentic self, in the present moment. Because I’m never going to be a typical musician. Or artist. Or Asian. Or male. Or gay male. Or family member. Or–what the hell ever. I have always been outside the lines, without even trying. Hence, the title UNDISGUISED. This is the real f*cking me.

New single: I’m Not The One
(stand-alone single, previously unreleased)
This song was originally written as a mirror for another, but has since also become a kind of self-exhortation and reminder to always stay true to myself. It was originally written in 2015 for the Arsenal album, but in hindsight releasing it on its own felt much more appropriate.
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I hope you find the new photos and the new single engaging and entertaining. Thanks as ever for all your support.

Cheers! <3

Produced by Myke Mazzei with RexySpice
Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios
Photo by Brendan Albert
Cover design by Aaron Ber