^^This recent caption from my Instagram account sums up how I’m feeling right now. I probably could have played more shows in the wake of putting my album out in March, but I’m making up for it now–I’ve got four amazing shows under my belt since the beginning of August, and my don’t-miss-it birthday gig is coming up on Oct. 14th at Graffiti’s. And as I close in on another year of planetary existence, I’m thinking of possible additions to the way I currently exercise my creativity. Music will always be at the core, of course. 😉

To that end, because it’s my birthday month and I’m feeling grateful and generous, I have planned a few things in the next couple of weeks to reflect and to celebrate. In addition to the aforementioned birthday party, my YouTube Playlist for my album ‘Arsenal’ is now officially streamable right on my Youtube channel–for all you well-meaning souls who “haven’t gotten around to” picking up a digital or physical copy, and/or have a technophobic aversion to other streaming services. :p The YouTube album playlist has been active since October 1st, and I thought it was a good way to start the month. (Outside Canada, it has been streamable on YouTube since its initial release, but only since October 1st has it been YouTube-streamble *everywhere,* with an organized playlist right on my channel. Being based in Canada, this region-based technological oversight seemed particularly ironic. Thankfully, the situation has now been officially remedied!)

So stay tuned–a couple of other cool things will be coming out in the course of the month. Sharing these particular entities, at this particular time, will have a special, personal resonance for me. I intend to reflect upon personal growth, reclamation of self (via reinvention), and unapologetically, definatly punking the f*ck out.

Yes, I’m being intentionally vague. Just keep watching this space! 😉

Happy thanks-giving (and thank YOU),

<3 rexy