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Hey everyone,

Just keeping the website up to speed with the social media… it was a great summer 2018 full of music and sun, and now I’ve hunkered down in writing mode. As of this post, I’m almost halfway through a self-imposed challenge to have a(nother) full album’s worth of new material written by the year’s end. Whether or not any/all of these songs will make it past my proverbial cocoon is another matter, but it’s been a good exercise to graft myself down and generate new inspiration–I am very much looking forward to refreshing my repertoire.

See you out in the trenches!

❤ RexySpice


Very soon, I’ll be doing a triple-shot of acoustic punk appearances after a seven-month break.

It’s true: I haven’t played a show or done anything publicly musical in the last seven months. And during that time, I’ve dabbled in other creative pursuits like burlesque and dance, and I’ve had passing thoughts about modeling. But I’ve mainly kept a low profile creatively. I could go on at length about the reasons why, but I’ve already covered it in a three-part twitter rant and frankly I don’t feel like repeating myself. You can check that out here if you so desire.

Regardless, I DO have a series of gigs coming up that I’m very excited about, coming up at the end of this very month. As ever, I’m planning the usual rexy classics–as well as some new covers, to mix it up.

Friday, July 27 / 12:30pm – 2pm (2 sets):
Barbara Hall Park (519 Church St) – a free lunchtime gig in as part of the Church-Wellesley Village association’s Music In The Park summer series. I’m planning two 40-minute sets: the first will be a bit sweeter than the sassier second. ;p

Saturday, July 28 / 9pm:
T.O. Lounge (1384 Queen St W) – a good ol’ fashioned punk gig in the heart of Parkdale, opening for my pals in the group Knife Camp, of whom two members are celebrating a birthday. Expect an extra raucous evening!

Much thanks to Pamela W. and TK for coaxing me out of my cocoon. See ya soon!

– ❤ RexySpice


Hello all and happy spring! I have learned that today (March 21) is not only the first full day of spring, it also happens to be World Poetry Day. So in recognition and celebration, I thought I’d share a little gift with you all.

I have been keeping quiet on the creative front for the last bit, but I have managed to eke out some lyrics here and there. My phone notes are littered with ridiculous half-verses and incomplete thought-lines. In the wake of putting out Arsenal and its in-your-face reactivity, I’ve been going inward with my writing these days. And that’s actually way more difficult for me to approach my writing that way.

But here is the basis of a piece that, so far, I’m quite proud of–it combines the personal and political rather nicely, if I do say so myself. Tentatively, it’s called “You Deserve It”–this may or may not be the final title, and it is still a work in progress, so how it reads now may also change. But here are the words as they currently read. So, Happy World Poetry Day and Happy Spring! See you all soon, promise. 😉 <3


gloating over what you’ve been given
a pass to make the wrong decision
blinded by your limited vision
you deserve what you get
but i don’t

been nothing but a damn good neighbour
letting you decide the wager
about to pay the price, endangered
you deserve what you get
but i don’t

why should i have to pay
for your mess
your mistakes
for the choices you make?
why should i be the one to pay
it’s your mess
your mistake
but it’s my heart to break

i didn’t ask for this
no, i didn’t ask for this
i didn’t ask for this
you roll the dice
i pay the price

caught up in a mythical glory
defensive of your territory
secret-rendezvous with the enemy
you deserve what you get
but i don’t
wherever i go in this environment
you loom over me, omnipresent
it’s really hard for me not to resent
all these things you deserve
that i don’t

’cause meanwhile i’m the one to pay
for your mess
your mistake
for the choices you make
meanwhile you keep getting away
with your mess
your mistake
but it’s my heart to break

i didn’t ask for this
no, i didn’t ask for this
i didn’t ask for this
you roll the dice
i pay the price.


To celebrate my birthday this year, I’ve put out a new photo series, as well as a previously-unreleased new single.

Photo series: “Undisguised v42.0”
I took these as an honest document to who I am right here, right now, at this unique stage of life. Some may see this as a testament to disguise. On the contrary, these images actually represent me at my most authentic self, in the present moment. Because I’m never going to be a typical musician. Or artist. Or Asian. Or male. Or gay male. Or family member. Or–what the hell ever. I have always been outside the lines, without even trying. Hence, the title UNDISGUISED. This is the real f*cking me.

New single: I’m Not The One
(stand-alone single, previously unreleased)
This song was originally written as a mirror for another, but has since also become a kind of self-exhortation and reminder to always stay true to myself. It was originally written in 2015 for the Arsenal album, but in hindsight releasing it on its own felt much more appropriate.
iTunes/Apple Music link
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YouTube audio

I hope you find the new photos and the new single engaging and entertaining. Thanks as ever for all your support.

Cheers! <3

Produced by Myke Mazzei with RexySpice
Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios
Photo by Brendan Albert
Cover design by Aaron Ber


^^This recent caption from my Instagram account sums up how I’m feeling right now. I probably could have played more shows in the wake of putting my album out in March, but I’m making up for it now–I’ve got four amazing shows under my belt since the beginning of August, and my don’t-miss-it birthday gig is coming up on Oct. 14th at Graffiti’s. And as I close in on another year of planetary existence, I’m thinking of possible additions to the way I currently exercise my creativity. Music will always be at the core, of course. 😉

To that end, because it’s my birthday month and I’m feeling grateful and generous, I have planned a few things in the next couple of weeks to reflect and to celebrate. In addition to the aforementioned birthday party, my YouTube Playlist for my album ‘Arsenal’ is now officially streamable right on my Youtube channel–for all you well-meaning souls who “haven’t gotten around to” picking up a digital or physical copy, and/or have a technophobic aversion to other streaming services. :p The YouTube album playlist has been active since October 1st, and I thought it was a good way to start the month. (Outside Canada, it has been streamable on YouTube since its initial release, but only since October 1st has it been YouTube-streamble *everywhere,* with an organized playlist right on my channel. Being based in Canada, this region-based technological oversight seemed particularly ironic. Thankfully, the situation has now been officially remedied!)

So stay tuned–a couple of other cool things will be coming out in the course of the month. Sharing these particular entities, at this particular time, will have a special, personal resonance for me. I intend to reflect upon personal growth, reclamation of self (via reinvention), and unapologetically, definatly punking the f*ck out.

Yes, I’m being intentionally vague. Just keep watching this space! 😉

Happy thanks-giving (and thank YOU),

<3 rexy


Hi everyone,

I’ve started to make good on my promise to amp up the gigs. Check out the shows/gigs page — I’m really happy to be playing both Parkdale and (finally, after eons away) the Church/Wellesley area this month! 🙂

Also, just a quick teaser… I have something very special planned for next month. Watch this space.

#42isthenew24 😉
<3 rexy


Photo Credit: Becca Redden —
Performance in Kitchener for Nations And Voices on Aug. 16, 2017 —

After a brief break in creative activity, last week’s shows — an acoustic mini-tour of sorts — were a great way to get myself refueled and re-inspired. Footage from my Kitchener show is now up at this link, as well as on my video page here.

This show was a special one for me to play for a number of reasons. The Nations And Voices project is the brainchild of my best friend Shawn Johnston. He brought together so many great artists from the Kitchener-Waterloo area, and this show was a real testament to how far he has evolved from often tenuous circumstances to his current role as a unifying force-of-one/activist powerhouse. I am so proud of how far he has come and can’t wait to see this project unfold over the next year. Check it out at

I also got to catch up with Alysha Brilla, who I sang with in 2010 in a singing competition that operated out of Club 120. It had been awhile since we shared a stage, and it is so great to see how far she has taken her artistry since those “Queer Idol” days. I also appreciated the opportunity to interact with and observe other great talents from the Kitchener/Waterloo area, who all seemed to have a real symbiotic kind of support for each other. For all this and so much more, I am so grateful to Shawn. Thank you for having me play.

Of course I can’t not talk about how amazing Lorussopalooza was. I mean, talk about a community of symbiotic support–in seven years, an annual cottage getaway of like-minded friends has become one of Central Ontario’s prime annual folk music festivals.

I’m so proud of my friends David Plank and Nikki Murphy who, with the Lorusso family, have truly built this festival from the ground up and made it a necessary annual pilgrimage for music makers and appreciators across the province. Every year, the festival boasts an eclectic lineup encompassing everything from soulful blues to beer-stained folk to raging punk. I’m so grateful to be able to share a stage with such great talents, many of whom I’m also privileged to refer to as close friends.

This is in addition to the post-breakfast beach breaks and magical, star-lit campfire jams that literally go on until sunlight. This year was no different–and actually, the heavier-than-usual precipitation (on Day 1) and accompanying excess of mud made it, paradoxically, even more soul-rejuvenating. It must be experienced to be fully appreciated; it’s not something you can describe accurately in words. Mark your calendars for next year–word is that 2018’s festival is happening on Labour Day Weekend. 😉

These shows have whet my appetite for the possibility of a more extensive acoustic tour, encompassing more than just central and southern Ontario. As ever, watch for updates on my various social media–and I promise to make a more concentrated effort to keep this site as up to speed with all the news as my social media is.

Much love as always,


Just a quick update: there are now two new videos on

(you may need to skip to 2:30 to get to the RexySpice footage)

In which my best friend, Shawn E. Johnston of Nations And Voices, comes to town to see me perform, and chats with me about Arsenal and its launch. (By the way, do consider giving to the Nations And Voices gofundme page. This is an initiative to get as many worldwide perspectives of indigineous and POC voices heard, and I couldn’t be prouder of Shawn for endeavouring to make this happen.)


Speaking of the Arsenal launch party, here is a bootleg video of my entire set, warts and all. I just wish you could see more of the audience–from my view on stage, it was fantastic to see everyone having such a great time and getting into the music. What a raucous party!

Both of these are now available to watch here, and listed on the ever-expanding video page!

More to come. It’s been an exciting week since the launch gig. Whether by disc, download, or streaming, I hope people have been enjoying the album. I’m working on getting a mail-order option on this site too, mainly so that so people visiting who want a physical CD version of Arsenal are able to order one right here. As ever, watch this space!

Much love,
Rexy <3


photo by Brendan Albert

Well, the Arsenal album release party went off without a hitch, and I couldn’t be happier.

Go HERE to check out Brendan Albert‘s fantastic photographic document of last Friday’s launch concert. A link to this external photo album will also be placed on my photos page for posterity.

Also, this just in: bootleg video of my set has also been located… watch this space. 😉

Much thanks abound again to Nico from The Paddock for having us, and to my fantastic, killer co-conspirators onstage: Edie Wilson and Greg Kowalczyk (Terrible & The Horribles), T.C. Folkpunk, Myke Mazzei, and DKTO. Thanks also to my door peeps Lisa, Jaclyn and Brandon. And of course to everyone who came out and partied with all of us. A subdued coffeehouse gig this was NOT… thank Gawd! 😛

I have to admit, as the album release date approached, I was overcome with a sense of anxious dread. I was bracing for the worst. Would anyone actually show up to the launch? In the wake of an extremely lucky, last-minute booking (due to unforeseen circumstandes with the original venue), would something happen to compel the new venue to also pull the plug, at the last minute — days, or even hours before the show? Would another van carrying another band member and his/her gear end up in another sinkhole? (This actually happened during rehearsals.) Was everything I was doing simply an exercise in futility? Does anyone actually give a shit about this thing I’m calling Arsenal? Throw in some of the pre-existing angst that inspired the kinds of songs that you hear on the record, and I was basically a neurotic, emotional wreck in the weeks (and really, in the months) leading up to this–yes, even MORE so. 😛

But as the night went on, it was clear that such fears were unfounded. The staff at The Paddock couldn’t have been more accommodating, and the place was packed with a crowd that couldn’t have been more respectfully boisterous, nor more diverse. And as the ‘Arsenal’ album birthed its way into the world over the weekend, that nagging feeling of irrational futility became replaced with a sense of vindication. No matter how many dismissive self-styled “industry” aspirationalists backhand their compliments and/or give me the brush-off, there IS a point to my art, and people ARE listening. I have a lot of shit to say, and I’ve got a purpose to this life — and I may not be a fucking capitalist, but that doesn’t mean what I’m doing isn’t fucking essential to me. It’s not a fucking hobby, it’s who I fucking am. I do have an ‘arsenal’ of soldiers in solidarity with me, who encourage me to stay on the trenches and fight the good fucking fight, every fucking day; and to swear as fucking much as I fucking want to. And goddamit, I’m going to.

I can’t say too much more without becoming cheezy as hell and ending up all Sally Field on everyone… so I’ll just say, thanks. Thank you. I’m heartened. Lightened, literally and figuratively. And inspired. Much love to you, all. I LOVE YOU ALL ❤️️♥

P.S. by the way, you’re all part of the RexySpice #Militia now. #KatyCats and #LittleMonsters were taken. 😜 😛