Welcome to “Undisguised, v42.0”:   a selection of images curated with Brendan Albert, released on October 17, 2017 here at rexyspice.com.

I took these as an honest document to who I am right here, right now, at this unique stage of life. Some may see this as a testament to disguise. On the contrary, these images actually represent me at my most authentic self, in the present moment. Because I’m never going to be a typical musician. Or artist. Or Asian. Or male. Or gay male. Or family member. Or–what the hell ever. I have always been outside the lines, without even trying. Hence, the title, UNDISGUISED. This is the real f*cking me.

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Photography by Brendan Albert for Brendan Albert Photography

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not your average lyrically driven violently acoustic unintentionally comic singer songwriter